Why have a Naming Ceremony?

Naming Ceremonies or a Naming Day are known as a beautiful alternative to a Christening, however there are many reasons why people choose to have a Naming Ceremony. 

 - To celebrate the arrival of a baby and to welcome them into the family.

 - A change of gender is becoming a popular reason for an adult to have a Naming Ceremony.

 - After a divorce has happened and the person has changed their name.

 - Naming Ceremonies can happen during an Adoption Ceremony (See Adoption page).

 - Change of Faith, is also a reason for people having a Naming Ceremony.

These are just a few reasons why people have Naming Ceremonies.

What happens during a Naming Ceremony?

There isn't a template or any rules, so your naming day or ceremony can be anything you want to it to be, however most people include: 

- A story about the name

- Why they are having a ceremony

- Introduce any parents, siblings, grandparents and any supports (often known as God Parents in religious ceremonies).

- Vows or promises are read.

- Any readings, poems and music.

As a Naming Celebrant I am not restricted by any rules, unlike religious or humanist ceremonies.